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Classic video game TMD, two teams battle it out for victory. Your team will get a set amount of respawns, first team out of respawns loses or whoever has the most respawns at the end wins.

Capture the flag

Two teams must defend their teams’ flag while collecting the opposing teams and bringing it back to their home base. If your hit by a nerf dart while holding the enemy teams flag you must drop the flag where you were hit and return to your respawn point. The first team to have both flags at their home base wins.

Free for all/ last man standing

Every man or women or child for themselves in this game of free for all. Once hit by an arrow you’re out the last man to survive without being hit wins.

One shot kill

Everyone in your group will be given a weapon loaded with only one bullet if your hit then you’re out last man standing wins the game.

Battle royal

In this fortnight themed game mode every man is for himself from when the starter buzzer goes. Nerf weapons will be hidden in the arena for players to find if you are shot your out, last man standing gets the victory royal.


Choose one member of your team as the VIP and you must protect them at all costs while the other team tries to assassinate your VIP. The defending team gets two lives while the attackers get one life.

Under siege

One team must hold the defensive position while the other attackers and tries to take over. If your defending and you are shot, you must go to the respawn area. If the attacking team take over the area they then must defend the area as the other team tries to reclaim it. The team who hold the position at the end wins.