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Archery dodgeball

Like that of the rules of dodgeball, the court will be evenly split in two areas for each team. All the arrows will be on the line in which you must retrieve before the other team and without being shot. Using the obstacles for cover you must try to eliminate the other team members without being shot. You will get unlimited respawns in the first 2 minutes of the game however after that, once your hit you must stand in the respawn area and wait for the end of the game unless someone catches an arrow. Each team will also have a target board with 5 hexagons, if you can knock out the other teams’ hexagons before they take yours or before your team is eliminated you win.


Classic video game TMD, two teams battle it out for victory. Your team will get a set amount of respawns, first team out of respawns loses or who ever has the most respawns at the end wins.

Capture the flag

Two teams must defend their teams’ flag while collecting the opposing teams and bringing it back to their home base. If your hit by an arrow while holding the enemy teams flag you must drop the flag where you were hit and return to your respawn point. The first team to have both flags at their home base wins.

Lost souls

Everyone is on the same team armed with bows and limited arrows you must protect yourselves against the one player without a bow. The player without the bow must collect the tags on the remaining players if your tag is taken then you must put down your bow and join the team of lost souls and collect the tags of your former team members. The goal of being a lost soul is to take everyone tags and the goal of having a tag is to survive in the arena as long as possible without your tag being taken. Last man standing wins!


If there is time at the end of the session you may get a chance to try this game mode that gives you a chance of trying all the cool trick shots and show off your skills as you’ll have unlimited lives. Free for all/ last man standing- Every man or women for themselves in this game of free for all. Once hit by an arrow you’re out the last man to survive without being hit wins